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UPDATED Setting up a JEE 6 Web Profile Maven Project in Eclipse using TomEE

Note:┬áSee the blog post How I Created a Standard pom.xml file for Eclipse and NetBeans for the final version of the pom.xml This is an update to the blog post of just a few days ago. Never to leave well enough alone I have continued examining how to use Maven effectively in Eclipse. As such I have discovered some unneeded… Read more »

.keystore, Tomcat, NetBeans and Java

I give a course on Servlets and JSPs at Concordia University’s School of Extended Learning. One of the topics is SSL. I demonstrate how to create a .keystore file using Java’s keytool.exe. Then I edit Tomcat’s server.xml. Presto! All you have to do is use https rather than http and my lecture on SSL is about done. Not this time…. Read more »