CNN Video Fails With A Problem About IEPersistence.html

I have had problems with CNN video for some time. On some Windows computers they would work and on others they would fail. The failure occured with both IE7 and IE8. By clicking on the yellow icon on the status bar next to the message ‘Done with Errors’, the error dialog stated that the problem was with:
In the end the solution was discovered by a contributor to the microsoft.public.internetexplorer.general newsgroup by the handle of ‘darketernal’. The instructions that finally solved the problem are:

    With Internet Explorer running,
    Go to Tools
    Internet Options
    Go the the Security Tab
    Select Custom Level
    Scroll down until you see user data persistence
    Disable it and then restart IE.

You can read the thread of messages that culminated in this answer here.

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CNN Video Fails With A Problem About IEPersistence.html”

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