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In a course I am teaching on the subject of Enterprise Java Beans 3.0 I am using NetBeans 6.0. In all my other Java courses I have used Eclipse. But I find Eclipse’s EJB tools not as well integrated as NetBeans. In a classroom environment it is necessary for students to move their work from school to home and back again. This is where I encountered a problem.

For reason’s known only to the developer’s of IDEs like Eclipse or Netbeans, locations of files are hard coded in files stored somewhere in the directory structure of the project. If you do all your development work on a single computer or if you use a version control system then you never encounter the problem of moving projects. But I do my class preparation on three different computers and then do my presentation in the lab on a fourth computer. And I have different directory structures on these computers and I even have different login names.

When I encountered the problem I did what every good programmer does, I searched the web for a solution. I couldn’t be the only person who had this problem. Well, to my surprise I seem to be the only person. I could not find a reference to how I might move a project from one computer to another. So I spent a day reading XML files and found the solution.

In a NetNeans Enterprise application, EJB, web client, and app client project there are directories named nbprojects. In these directories is a folder called private. Just delete the private directory in every nbproject folder. Now you can open the Application project and the EJB and client projects will be located and opened with the application.

After discovering this I examined sample projects from Sun. The layout of all these projects conforms to a standard called blueprints. All the Sun sample projects already have the private folder removed. So now my students and I can copy a project to our flash drives, bring them home, delete the private folders, and continue working.Â

5 thoughts on “Moving Projects in NetBeans

  1. craig motell

    Followed your advise about deleting the “private folder”, but when I opened project I got popup box “Project xxxx is read-only” and then my Netbeans 6.7 would hang.

    Using windows, and starting with the project folder I changed the file permission for full control for my user name. But still got “read-only” error.

    I noticed that the folder nbprojects had a “read-only” checked in the file properties. So unchecked and was able to use my copied project.

    thanks for the help with deleting private folder under nbprojects

  2. craig motell

    P.S., I had to uncheck “read-only” in other directories as well such as “src”.

  3. ash

    I have done my project(net beans with forms) of version 6.7.1 in my laptop i need to have this project in windows 8 pc.

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